Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY Flower Ball Centerpieces!

Woo hoo it's the weekend! If you've read my other post you know my little guys baptism is this Sunday and I''ve been busy getting everything prepared and ready. Here's another project I did for decorations. There flower balls and there really easy to make.

Flower Balls
  • Flowers of your choice (I used 4-5 bunches)
  • Foam ball
  • Candle stick holder
  • Glue gun
You glue the foam ball onto the candle stick holder. Then pop the tops of the flowers off there stems. Arrange the flowers onto the ball to your liking then go back around and glue them so that they stay put. That's it! It's really easy and pretty quick. I hope you like them:)

I got the flowers and candle stick holders at the Dollar Tree (every things $1) and the foam balls at walmart they were $2-$3. Hope you all are having a great weekend:)


  1. Hey there. Would love for you to join the blog hop. Please be sure to let your blogger friends know.

  2. That is beautiful! I found your blog through the bloghop... I'm following you through Bloglovin

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Found you through Night Owl Venting...I love these pretty flowers...and I definitely love a bargain!

    1. Thanks Kim....its always nice to find a bargain:)

  4. I love that you used white tissue! The bouquet is so pretty.

  5. These look great! I found your blog through the Mom's Monday Mingle blog hop! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.