Thursday, April 18, 2013

ADHD or something else?!? UPDATE #1

Today was the first meeting at my sons school to go over the results of his Comprehensive Neurocognitive Assessments Evaluations Summary. It was a pretty long meeting a little over 2 hrs with a ton of information (it was a lot to take in and a little overwhelming plus I had my little guy there with me). It was me, special education coordinator, principal, social worker, speech & language, SE teacher, reg homeroom teacher and the neuropsychologist. The Neuropsychologist was going over his results and diagnoses. He went over quite a lot but to sum it up he said he currently presents with the rarest form of Learning Disability referred to as Mixed Dyslexia/Dysgraphia. He also said he is extremely surprised that he has held on this long and not had any behavior problems or just completely given up. He also said while he does show some characteristics of ADD/ADHD is not enough to show concern and he DOES NOT recommend any medication what so ever for it (he doesn't think my son needs it and would end up making him worse) You don't know how glad i was to hear that since it seemed like everyone was telling me he should be put on it so he would do better. I have a ton of thoughts floating threw my head right know. I'm glad to finally have some answers and insight but also very overwhelmed. I've been crying a bit (even though it may seem silly) but as a mother (parent) you want the best for your child. You want them to be happy, healthy, loving, caring people. You hope that they don't have to deal with any major issue ext. Please don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's the end of the world or the worst thing that could ever happen. But it does break my heart to know the struggles he's had and will continue to have and people can be very cruel and mean. Hes already dealt/dealing with it and as he gets older I know it can get worse. He's very aware that he struggles more than others and doesn't have much confidence. I know he's an amazing, awesome, smart, funny, kind, caring, extremely helpful, loving, creative, imaginative, sweet as hell boy. I just don't ever want him to not know that or be made to feel he's not or as the neuropsychologist said have increasing patterns of Learned Helplessness. Sorry I'm just rambling on know but i needed to vent a little I guess. If you have any experience with this please let me know any advice you may have. Thanks for listening to my rambles. If your interested he shared a youtube link with me on a demonstration of the impact of Learned Helplessness on student behavior


  1. Bless you and your son! I'm so glad you have some answers. You are most likely going through a reality check regarding this information. But now you know what you are addressing.
    I'm a school teacher. And in my district, very little is done in terms of diagnosing. They prefer the child's doctor does the diagnosing. It's a sad way to run things. Be grateful you have a school system that gives the attention that is needed.

    1. Thank you Pam. I know we are very lucky the district were in is one of the better ones as far as dealing with special needs there are many that don't.