Thursday, April 11, 2013

Axe body spray for 8 and 9yr olds?!?!?

My oldest son is 9yrs old and in the 3rd grade. He came home from school the other day ago ask me when could he start wearing axe body spray. I gave him one of those are you serious kinda looks (I'm thinking to my self why would 8 and 9yr olds need axe). Then he starts going on about how there's a lot of boys in his grade that wear it and bring it to school to spray them self's threw out the day. I'm thinking he's exaggerating just a little bit but then I went to pick the boys up from school the next day and as I walk in the office to sign them out I get a overwhelming sent in my face ( and I'm not exaggerating....I look over and there's a boy sitting down spraying the crap out if him self he seriously must have used half the frigging can). Then my oldest says see mom I told you! I personally don't think that 8 and 9yr olds need to be wearing body spray and I won't be getting my son any anytime soon they grow up to fast as it is. Let me know what your thoughts are on it.

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  1. I know this is older, but I'm slowly reading all the posts lol. My thoughts on Axe for a 8 and 9 year old... I would let them, after showing them the proper "amount" to use lol. Boys can get stinky pretty fast with all the active things they do, and if they want to "mask" that within reason, I don't see a problem with it. Plus, they are probably leaning away from "girls have cooties" :) I wore body spray and perfume younger than that, so I guess that's why I don't see the harm in it.