Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 months old already!

I can't believe my little guys already 10 months old! The time is just flying by way to fast, it's crazy. He amazes me every day, he's got such a little personality. I love his smile it the sweetest thing (his little teeth are so cute to). He makes the cutest/silliest face when he crinkles his nose and puckers his lips. He's still not crawling yet but still manages to get from one side of the room to the other. He's getting better at sitting up but still not completely balanced (he still tops over/plops) I'm still ebf him on demand day and night (so I'm still luck to have tolerable smelling poo still) He has his 4 top teeth and 2 bottom ones but the 3rd bottom one just pop threw. I'm so blessed to have him in my life. He's just brought us so much joy♥

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  1. Hi Nicole! Just hopped over to your blog and saw that you're somewhat of a blogging 'newbie' so welcome to this fun, crazy world! Anyway, your sons are adorable and I'm kinda hoping I only have boys. I have one now, Drew, and I'd love to only be a boy-momma forever! They are the best. Anyway, hope you'll stop by and follow my blog as I definitely need more experienced momma readers to help me along the journey of toddlerhood! Have a great Thursday!

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