Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baptisim prep

So this weekend was all about doing things to prep for my little ones baptism. We met his godparents at a local Mexican flea market. They have a lot of little shops there and we found his white suit....its so nice I can't wait to see him in it. We also got him a little white pair of shoes to go with it even though he's not walking/crawling yet and a really nice box set that has the candle for the ceremony, a little white towel to pat the baby's head dry, a small bible, rosary and a shell for the priest to poor the holy water on the babys head. After wards we all went out to a Mexican restaurant down the street from there (they have the best burritos/tacos and horchata (rice water). It was really nice to hangout and chat for awhile. We haven't seen them since before Christmas. Then today we had a 1hr baptism preparation class to go to. At some point either yesterday or today someone hit our minivan a made a huge dent in the rear bumper!  We didn't even notice it till we were leaving the church....I was so pissed. Any way there's still a lot to do in the next few weeks but I'll be sharing pics. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!cm

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