Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blog Everyday In August (BEDA)

I've been slacking a bit on blogging lately. Not that I don't want to. Just with summer break coming to an end for my boys I've been trying to spend as much time with them as possible.

If you have people you watch on YouTube you may know that some vloggers are doing VEDA vlog everyday in August. Since I'm not a vlogger I figured I would try and attempt to do it with blogging.

Hopefully I have things to blog about everyday without boring you all to death : ) If your doing BEDA or would like to give it a try. Please feel free to leave a link to your daily posts in the comments each day so myself and others who are interested can check it out : )

If you have any suggestions on what to blog about or posts you would like to see let me know as well. Thanks :)


  1. is this a blog thing for august like they had in may or so. j/w

    its ok if you've went MiA some. sometimes it happens. I'm beginning to start to do the same b/c well past 2 days not feed back from anyone. kinda makes me feel well...... weird

  2. I'm not sure what they had in may but yeah you just blog everyday the month of August : )

    I'm sorry to hear that. It's always nice to get comments and know people are reading and enjoying what your posting. I'll be sure to stop by and spread some comment love : )