Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And So It Begins

BEDA day 14

Today is the boys 3rd day of school. I thought I would at least get a couple weeks before the ever so lovely crazy mornings were gonna start. Yeah right! It started yesterday morning :(

My middle has been having a tough time staying asleep and trying to climb into my bed during the night/early morning hours. I'm able to catch him and send him back to bed at least half of the 100 attempts. I co-sleep with little man and he wakes up a lot threw out the night himself (nursing and or walking back and forth to sooth back to sleep).

So having crazy wild man sleeper in bed just doesn't work. He'll sometimes go back to his bed and fall asleep but other times he just climb in his brothers bed. No one gets a good night sleep and I'm left with a bunch of tired cranky butts.

That's exactly what happened the other day. We woke up and went to go eat breakfast. My middle boy wasn't very pleasant and started bickering with his brother. I told them to quit arguing and being grumpy. He then turns to me gives me a evil stare and yells IM NOT BEING GRUMPY! He continues with his ever so pleasant attitude so I put him in timeout.

He gets hysterical and is crying, yelling, hanging of my arm and wrapping himself around my leg. Great start to the morning right? After finally getting him calmed done we continue with breakfast and getting ready for school.

The boys are getting dressed and I hear them arguing again. Seriously guys can we please go 5 minutes without arguing. Then my oldest walks away mad and walks right into the babys jumper on the floor. He hurt his toe and by this point he's so frustrated he has a mini breakdown crying and yelling in anger.

By this time we only have a couple minutes before the bus is supposed to come. I'm trying to hurry them up so they don't miss it. Right as we step out the door my oldest yells the bus is already at the corner.

I think to my self shit. I go get my car keys and pile everyone into the van. I go drop off middle man first. Let me just say school traffic stinks. Now that they go to different schools it's worse trying to get from one to the other on time.

We get there just as the kids are lined up to go inside. He gets out and walks into the group. There's more last second drop offs in line behind me so I go assuming he's ok cause he's in by all the kids.

Total MOM FAIL! I find out after he gets home that his class was lined up farther down and by the time he walked over to them they didn't see him and shut the door. The doors lock after there shut. So he goes over by the other door and again the same thing happens. He said luckily an aid saw him and asked if he went to the school and who his teacher was.

She lets him in but he can't remember how to get to class.  Finally he figured it out and made it just as they were putting there stuff away. Poor guy when he told me I felt like crape of course. At least this morning went a little smoother and they made it to the bus on time today : )


  1. LOL Maybe a better day tomorrow? Seriously I know how you feel because I go through this crap with Cade every single night and every single day! Only difference: he can't tell me what the heck he is melting down for. lol

    at least im not alone!

    Ila @

    1. Hopefully things get better:) It has to be hard not being able to know what's wrong and he can't tell you. It always makes you feel better knowing your not the only 'crazy' family :)

    2. Trust me, you aren't alone. LOL Sometimes, this place feels more like a circus than a home...

      Ila @