Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Got Milk?....My Breastfeeding Journey's #2

BEDA day 6

Yesterday I told you about my breastfeeding journey with my oldest son. Today I'm gonna tell you about my journeys nursing my middle boy and my little guy. I'll start out with my middle boy.

I had successfully made it to almost 19 months nursing my oldest and knew I wanted to also nurse baby #2. I hadn't even considered doing other wise. When the day came and gave birth to him I made it clear to the nurses I would be breastfeeding and didn't want anyone giving him formula. Our experience this time around was better no one was trying to shove us formula. Although they did send us home with some.

Nursing went good this time around. My breasts weren't as sensitive as the first time I nursed my oldest. I really think if you end up nursing multiple baby's it toughens your breast (I hope that makes sense).

My bf was more supportive this time around. I think he had gotten more used to breastfeeding so was more comfortable with it. As far as his family goes it was about the same not really supportive but not as harassing about it either. My family was kinda like what ever. I don't know if they just figured she's gonna do it anyway so what ever.

Like his older brother he to got the hang of it really quick. I was very fortunate to not have any difficulties. There were still rude people out in public. I don't understand why people feel the need to put you down. I would never go up to a mom who was bottle feeding and say ugh why would you feed your kid like that!

He nursed till he was 19 months old. With him he was also fed on demand and I let him decide when he wanted to wean. It got less and less till one day he decided he didn't want to nurse anymore.

On to little man I knew I wanted to breastfeed him as well. Again when he was born I let the nurses know and they were great. She even gave me diapers to take home instead of formula.

He caught on right away and everything went and is still going great. My only concern I had was if he would end up getting enough nutrition with me having crohns. Thankfully he has and in fact he's exclusively breastfeed longer then my other boys.

He's 13 months and still going strong with nursing.  In fact he's just recently started some what eating and being interested in regular foods. He still nurses on demand often. I plan on letting him self wean when he's ready.

I'm the most confident in breastfeeding then I have ever been. Third times a charm : ) I also wanted to add I'm not a pumper I tried once when my oldest was a mini but after sitting there trying to pump for a hour and barely getting anything I said forget this. I really had no reason to anyway so it wasn't a big deal :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask : )


  1. Hi Nicole! - Just to let you know - you are the "Featured Caboose" on this month's "Great Blog Train" blog hop! If you want, please stop by and grab a featured button:
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    1. Thanks so much for featuring me Angie : )

  2. First of all great post! I had the opposite experience unfortunately. Breastfeeding was not an option after an early arrival and C-section though I tried for 6 weeks with help of a lactation consultant. My family (mostly sis n law's were very anti formula and I felt like a failure for a long time. If I have a 3rd, I hoped to try again and have success like you!
    2nd Congrats on the feature! Great job!

    1. Thanks so much Jodi! I'm sorry you weren't able and made to feel like a failure. I really wish we could just support each other regardless if we decide or are able to breastfeed or formula feed. Loving and taking care of our kids is what's most important : ) I wish you luck and success if you ever do have another baby if that's what you decide to do.