Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day Of School!

BEDA day 12

Today was the boys first day of school. The boys didn't get the best nights sleep they were to excited and nervous about school. The morning was a little chaotic we need to back into the swing of the whole school routine.

As were walking to the bus stop I'm watching in complete disbelief at how big there getting. I can't believe I have a 4th and 2nd grader! I'm starting to feel old Lol. As the bus comes down the street I tell the boys to have a great day and I l♥ve them. I go to give them a kiss on their for heads my middle one let's me and dives in for a quick hug. My oldest stops me in my tracks and tells me um no not gonna happen. Little turd about broke my heart.

Me and little man hung out at home all day and it felt weird and was so quiet to not have them with us. I'm used to loud rambunctious boys running around : ). I was a little worried about and nervous for them expecially my oldest.  In 4th grade they go to a new school and they even get lockers.

He has sever learning disabilities and is in a class for kids who need extra help or have disabilities. He was nervous about going today and about homework and being able to open his locker. That's a whole other post.

I'm happy to say they came home happy and excited. They both had a awesome day. They couldn't stop telling me all about it : ) I hope the rest of the year goes great we'll see when homework starts flowing in.

I snapped some pictures they wouldn't stay still they were being silly but I still managed to get a few : )


  1. They look so much older LOL. Your littlest one probably had no idea what to do with Mommy all to himself again!

    Ila @

    1. I know it's crazy! I think he wasn't sure what the heck was going on :) it is nice to be able to give him some one on one attention though.

  2. Such fun pictures! The first day is always such a big deal. So many new experiences. The little guy was probably a little lonely, but he had mommy to himself.

    1. Thanks Betty :) I don't think he quit knew what to do but it was nice to be able to have some alone time with him :)