Sunday, August 11, 2013

What We've Been Up To The Past Few Day's

BEDA day 11

So I kinda flaked at not missing any days during BEDA but we've had some stuff going on the past few days. One of the boys cousins a little girl the same age as my middle boy has a disorder and was in the hospital not doing so good. She did get better thankfully!

With the boys going back to school tomorrow I had to finish getting there supplies. It's Insane how much stuff they need and that doesn't include all the times threw out the year you end up having to send in more supplies. After spending a small fortune and fight crowds for folders, glue sticks, pencils ect. To lug it all home and get everything sorted, labeled with there name and sharpen 500 pencils (cause yes they want them all pre-sharpened). 

At least I didn't have to write there name in permanent marker on each individual one this year. Then drop off supplies and meet the teachers. I'm sad they go back tomorrow I'll miss my little terrors and the house will be a lot quieter at least while there at school. So that's what we've been up to the past few days. 


  1. Oh wow your littles already started school? We have 2 weeks I'm sending my 1st child off to K little sad/nervous & excited
    Hope your enjoying your day
    ~Candice @

    1. Yeah they keep starting earlier and earlier. Oh it is sad and exciting when they first start : ) I cried like a baby when both my boys started K.

  2. I wish my little guy was going back to school for the fall session. pre-school homeschool for us it appears. But, glad to see ya back. I love your blog LOL :)


    1. I'm sorry he won't be able to go back it really seemed like it was helping him. Awe thanks so much :) I love reading your blog to!