Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Library Fun & Going For A Walk!

We went to the library today to sign the boys up for the summer reading program. The library we visited today isn't the one in our town. It's a few towns over where I was born and raised. They have a really nice big kid friendly library.

All the boys got signed up even little man : ) The theme this year is super croc explorers and they have a bunch of exhibits threw out the library of croc stuff the boys thought that was pretty cool.

Of course while we were there we picked out some books, movies and 1 wii game. 

They have such a nice children's areas. There's one for younger kids. That has a craft area, books, computers with learning games, play kitchen area, big climbing play ground, fish tank, nice area with containers of toys and puzzles. They also have there own restrooms.

The other kids area is geared more towards 1st grade through middle school. They have a craft/puzzle/game area, books, exhibits, wii game playing area, computers, lounge area. They also have there own restrooms.

We hungout and played for a little while. This was the first time my little guy got to play there : ) He was just in awe watching all the kids running around.

I also found out when I was signing the boys up about a program for kids from birth to 5 yrs. Get a free book from the imagination library every month! I thought that was awesome! I jumped on that and signed up my little guy : ) They also participate in the museum adventure pass. There are certain places you can get either 2 free admissions to or buy 1 get 1. Some of the places are the zoo and the Lego discovery center. 

After the library we went for a little walk since the weather was so beautiful today. It was 70° and sunny. All the excitement must have worn the little guy out cause he ended up knocking out during our walk : ) If you notice my middle boys one pant leg rolled up in the picture it's because he hurt his knee and didn't want to put his pant leg down.

Do you sign up for summer reading program's and how well do you like your library?


  1. Aww that sounds like so much fun & what an awesome perk with the free books and ticket deals! I have never taken my boys to the library because libraries are meant to be "hush hush, quiet" and my 2 year old has never been quiet. LOL I hope to take them when they are older because there are quite a bit of libraries in my city and each one has some kind of neat things to do for free all year. They even have "reading" sessions for littles, but my 2 year old has NEVER had an interest in books. :( I'd try to read to him and he would slam the book shut and go on about his business.

    1. I know what you mean about the hush hush ones. Ours in our town is that way but this one isn't at all. That's why I like it so much it really is geared towards kids : ) but they also have the upper level for adults that's more quiet.

  2. I love signing the kids up for the summer reading programs. It makes me feel like that do have another goal for the summer, and not just to drive me crazy.

  3. Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing