Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Completely Random!

This is a completely random post but as I sit here in the dark nursing little man. I'm thinking I know my oldest is growing up and getting crazy big but I just got a reality check of how big he's getting.

 The boys were laying on the couch watching animal planet. It was a little past there bed time but I was hanging up wet laundry ( I don't normally do laundry at night but we've been busy and I haven't kept up on it. So I really needed to do a load tonight or the boys would be going commando and  sock less lol ).

I go to tell them time for bed and there both passed out. I  don't want to wake them so I figure oh I'll just carry them to bed. Um I haven't picked up my oldest in a while and lets just say it was quite amusing.

He's tall ( the top of his head comes up to my chin ). So I struggle to lift him when I manage to get him I then have to walk down the hall into his room and get him on his bed.

I so wish I could've taken a picture or recorded it.  It was hilarious! His long skinny toothpick legs are dangling with his feet almost touching the floor.  I'm out of breath holding back laughter trying to hurry as quick as I can to get to his bed.

That was my slap of reality for the day : )


  1. Bet that was amusing to see. How old is the oldest boy? Is your back and all still intact or are you now laid out some where and cant get up. j/w

  2. Oh I'm sure : ) He's 9. Surprising enough it is lol.

  3. Awe, this brought back memories for me and I could just imagine you carrying that long boy :) Hugs.

  4. Thanks for linking up at the Owl's Skull again this week! Have a great remainder of the week:). Jess

  5. That happened with our kids. It's hard to avoid laughing and waking them up at times like that.

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    1. I'll be sure to check it out : )

  7. LOL That's funny. My oldest isn't that big yet, but he is getting heavier to pick up each day! They just grow so stinkin fast!