Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teacher Gifts!

The boys are officially out of school for the summer. On the last day the boys brought in little thank you gifts for there teachers and helpers. My oldest has a homeroom teacher and a special educations teacher. He also has a helper that goes with him to both classes and a extra helper in his special educations class. My other son only has his regular teacher. We only got presents for those teachers cause if I did for all of the extra teachers/specialists I would go broke : ) I just made little framed quotes for each of them and smores kits. The boys wrote cards and drew each a picture (I also put a dunkin donuts/baskin robins gift card in there card just for the teachers though). The boys were really excited to give the presents to there teachers. Hopefully they liked them : ) For the framed quote I found these cute frames at Michaels (craft store) and hot glued some paper flowers on. The quote I found online and printed to size as best I could. I thought it would be cute for there desk.


  1. This is too cute! Love the frame an the s'mores kit is just awesome! A few of my friends are teachers and I know they would appreciate those teacher gifts!

    1. Thanks Ila : ) I figured who wouldn't like a smores kit right : )