Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Here Let Me Take That For You!

I was trying to get ready this morning so me and my little guy could go grocery shopping right after I dropped the boys off at school. I was trying to dry my hair a little so I could put it up but somebody decided that that wasn't going to happen : ) My little ones new obsession is the blow dryer. He has a shit fit as soon as he sees it or hears it. He wants it and he wants it know! When I go to put it away he starts balling like you just broke his little heart :( Needless to say my hair didn't end up getting very dry :)


  1. Lol!!! He is tooo cute! He loves HIS blow dryer!!!

  2. LOL! absolutely adorable! My little boy likes to play with my hair-dryer too. He goes "bang! bang!" as if it was a toy gun. lol

    1. Thanks Dianaruth! Lol arnt little ones so cute:)