Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grocery Haul!

 Maybe I'm weird or just nosey or a little bit of both lol but I like reading grocery haul posts and seeing what others get:) So I decided that I would show you our groceries for this week. This shopping trip was a little extra exciting. Someone hit/scrapped my van in the parking lot. I walked out and as I'm coming up to the car it looks like someone (who obviously doesn't know how to drive) was pulling out and scrapped/dented the back end passenger side of the van. I was let's just say so thrilled when I seen it. Then when we were all done me and little guy went home I brought him inside and then went to grab the groceries outta the car. We'll I'm grabbing bags go to walk back into the house and there's a couple wasps trying to attack me (well maybe I'm being a little dramatic but they were swarming around me.....plotting there attack : ) I frigin hate bees/wasps and run little a big baby away from them! So of course I freak out and make a mad dash for the house like a lunatic lol. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm nuts! Oh well : ) I normally just go to Aldi and Meijer but I got a couple things from Walmart to since I had to grab a few household items as well.


  • 1 pineapple
  • 1 honey dew melon
  • 1 pkg of avocados
  • 1 pkg of alexia sweet potato seasoned fries (never tried these before)
  • 1 box panko crumbs
  • 1 box cornstarch
  • 1 box clif granola bars (never had these before either)
  • 2 cans of pizza sauce
  • 1 bottle of low sodium soy sauce
  •  Reeses candy bar cause mommy had a sweet tooth : )


● 2 gallons of milk
● 1 chocolate almond milk (never tried this before)
● 1 pkg eggs
● 2 pineapples
● 4 mango's
● 1 bag of onions
● 1 (3) pkg of zucchinis
 ● 1 pkg of jalapeno peppers
● 1 pkg mushrooms
● 1 pkg baby carrots
● 1 (3) pkg green peppers
● 1 (6) pkg mini cucumbers
● 3 avocados
● 1 pkg frozen strawberries
● 1 pkg provolone cheese
● 4 blocks of mozzarella cheese
● 2 boxes cereal
● 1 box waffles
● 1 box of mini blueberry muffins
● 1 box rice
● 1 pkg almonds
● 2 cans of tomato sauce
● 1 can kidney beans
● 1 bottle vinegar
● 1 bag flour
● 1 bag sugar
● 3 bags chocolate chips
● 1 watermelon 



● 1 coconut milk (never had this kind)
● 1 bread flour
● 1 loaf of bread
● 1 pkg flatouts
● 2 pkgs stir fry veggies
● 1 pound salami
● 1 pound turkey
● 1 pkg noodles
● 1 pkg stir fry noodles
● 1 pkg pork chops
● 1 pkg chicken tenders
● 2 boxes cereal
● 1 box angry bird graham crackers
● 1 bag pizza goldfish
● 1 pkg sprouts
● 3 clif bars
● 4 pkgs yeast
● 6 individual yogurts
● 4 greek yogurts
● 2 (4) pkg yogurts
● 1 box gogurts
● 1 bag frozen mango's
● 2 bunches bananas
● 4 pink lady apples
● 1 piece of fresh ginger
● 1 bag of (20) chips

GRAND TOTAL- $168.10


I didn't need to get somethings this week cause we already had like meats from past weeks (when its on sale ill buy it and just freeze it) we still had 2 gallons of milk left and 1 loaf of bread so i didn't need to get that much this week. You get the idea : )  Some weeks we spend more some less, i would like to average around $150 a week. Hopefully i didn't just bore you to sleep : ) Around what do you spend a week and do you set a budget?


  1. I've heard of Aldi but there is no stores near the area I live. We set a budget of $200 for every 2 weeks (since my husband gets paid in the middle and end of the month) Like you sometimes we spend less some weeks others a little bit more. What helps me prepare for shopping is making a 2 weeks meal plan. The groceries include food for our pets (4 cats and 1 dog)

    1. I need to get better at meal planning and making a list and not for getting it at home. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lol at the bees part because I totally understand your fear. I too lose my mind when I see one so just imagine a few! I run around like a chicken with no head! Lol I will literally drop whatever is in my hand (except my son of course) and run for cover! My antics around bees would make a great youtube video lol. But to my point, My budget for 2 weeks would be 200 the most. I shop smart checking sale items and also with coupons! One thing my mom has got me doing and trust me, it saves!! :)

    1. Lol Kae at least I'm not alone:) I need to take the time to see if there's coupons for what I need. I used to more before I had #3. I still do with house hold stuff though. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like seeing what other people get too. LOL More so, what they spend on food. Our family shops kind of different than most. We will spend 100-150 on meat at a local meat place and that lasts us a few months. Then, we grocery shop for veggies and fruits, milk, bread, whatever else one big trip (around 100-150). Then, I have a few random "in and out" trips throughout the month for fresh produce we are low on (mainly spinach), bread, milk, and eggs. Each trip ranges based on needs but usually 10-30 (especially when we get pineapple, because I buy fresh - pre-cubed pineapple)

    1. I wish we had a local meat place and a big enough freezer to just get all our meat at once.
      I love fresh pineapple it's the best:) Thanks for sharing!