Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Make It Threw The Day!

The day has barely begun and I'm already thinking to my self please give me the patients and strength to make it threw the day without ringing my sons neck or running away! (I'm just kidding I would never really ring my kids neck or run away so please don't freak out I'm really not a bad mom). Some days well actually MOST days are very trying. It's exhausting just being a mom but its really exhausting when one of your kids has "special needs" and everything just takes a little more thought, effort, time, planning, patients, understanding, sympathy. If you have a child with any kind of "special needs" I'm sure you understand.  Don't get me wrong I adore and love my boys more than anything in the world. They've brought so much love and joy into my life (saved my life) and I'm so very thankful for that! It's just hard and frustrating some times. Today was the boys last day of school (I'm excited and dreading it at the same time lol). I'm excited to have them with me all day and spend time with them and do fun stuff this summer. But I'm also dreading the arguing, complaining, fighting, drama (you get what I mean). This morning was craziness and my oldest had a melt down every time I asked him to do something he would respond with "I can't" lets just say it was a fun morning. Shockingly I managed to get a picture with both of them smiling.

I dropped the boys off to there last day of school (its only 1hr long). I had just enough time to take a breath and collect myself (I'm currently blessed with my monthly present so I'm gonna go ahead and blame my bitchiness and lack of patients on that :) The boys got home and my oldest was happy he got a tennis racket and balls as an award from his P.E. teacher for being best in his class :). He also got a most artistic award my middle boy got one for academic achievement and reading :) GOOD JOB BOYS! Shortly after they got home the bickering started lol. Oh well it'll be an interesting summer i guess. 


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you had a rough day. As a parent, you're not alone in wishing that your kids would make different decisions to make their and your life easier.

    Congratulations to both your boys on their achievements. It seems to me like they're out of school really early!?

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    1. Thank you! They do get out early where we live but they also start earlier. Last year they started on August 16 I believe.

  2. Oh I completely understand the special needs part of it. I sometimes tell my husband on weekends I'm running away. Its my little way of telling him I need a break and I'm going alone. You can do it, us Mamas always find a way to keep on dealing, we have no choice, its how we're made!

    1. Thanks Dani isn't that the truth!

  3. Hopped over from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop to say hi and follow via Bloglovin. I raised 3 boys (16 mos apart) and let me tell you it DOES get better!

    Michelle @ On A Wing And A Prayer