Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sick Kiddos :(

The boys have been sick AGAIN since this past weekend. They just can't catch a break.  I swear since school started I've had either a sickie or recovering sickie. And then poor little man is teething like CRAZY. It's like all of a sudden all his molars decided they were ready to pop out.

This time it started with my middle boy on Saturday. We were out shopping and he was shivering with goosebumps saying he was freezing. I thought it was just cause the store was a little chilly but of course that wasn't the case. Later that day he was burning up with a 103 temp and that's pretty much how the whole weekend went.

By Monday he was still running a 103 fever and just miserable. He ended up missing school Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday we went to the doctor and found out he has a double ear infection. So know he's on antibiotics for that. He said he was feeling better Wednesday and wanted to go to school.

Then on Wednesday my oldest came home looking terrible and threw him self on the couch saying he didn't feel good. He fell asleep almost immediately and started with the same exact symptoms his brother had. So he ended up staying home today.

Little man has been miserable to I'm not sure if it's just teething or he's not feeling good either or a lovely combo of both. Either way he's not sleeping good, his brothers aren't sleeping good and I'm lucky if I get 3-4 hours. Lately it's been about 2 1/2-3(that's not straight sleep either it broken up threw out the night).

So I'm pretty much a zombie and my brain isn't functioning very much anymore lol. I'm not even kidding it's getting pretty bad. There are so many stories I could tell but that would take forever :) The dentist called today  and asked if I was my middle boys mom and I answered this is (my middle boys name) not this is his mom but that I was him.

 As I was driving to drop my son off at school there's a 4 way street and only the 2 sides have to stop. I didn't have to but for some reason I thought I did and none of the other cars were going.  I'm thinking to my self what are you doing why the heck aren't you going. Then I realized DUH there not going cause my ding bat butt is just stopped in the middle of traffic!

I can't even speak correctly or remember simply words. I'll be like that you know you know what I mean. I've called my kids the wrong names multiple times :) Hopefully everyone will feel better soon and start to get at least a little more sleep before I loose what little bit of sense I still have.

Poor things :(


  1. Oh, I hope your family beats this bout of illness!
    It get so wearing when one illness after another keeps coming.

  2. Nicole, You're not alone! I have been going through the same things with the 3 littles here at the house. It's been like a non-stop sickness with the 3 boys. As you already know, I am sleep deprived too. I really think I need that hoodie LOL

    Ila @

    1. It's just crazy this year isn't it? It seems like as soon as 1 starts feeling better any bought of sickness comes on : ( You and me both : )

  3. We're going through the same over here, Get well soon :)