Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Breaks Over

Winter break is officially over for us. We'll actually it was supposed to be over one Monday but we've been getting hit hard with winter weather. We got well over a foot of snow and have had arctic cold. Monday was -22° and with the wind chill felt like -40°. Tuesday was -15° and today the low was -11°. It's getting better but still so darn cold. So due to it being so crappie they cancelled school on Monday and Tuesday, not that I would have sent the boys anyway if they hadn't.

Let me just say it's tough getting back on track with the school schedule when you've been off for a while not only for the boys but for me as well. This morning they had a little bit of a hard time staying on track with getting ready. Of course they would rather play and watch cartoons so a few reminders were needed : ) Hopefully they don't come home bombarded with a ton of homework but we'll see.

How has the weather been for you?


  1. snow for you and double figures but rain for us. Hard to get the weather right!

  2. It's been cold and level 3 snowstorms - not my kind of weather. Marcus is around you and he actually works outside in that! He is going to freeze I think. Crazy weather! C'mon spring!!